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How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Platform


Few days back, I was having this conversation with a gentleman who runs a printing business. He was saying that initially, he targeted the local market to build up his client base. When this boosted his confidence he decided to take the plunge to expand his business horizons. He hired a web designing company who did a great job in creating a professional website for his business, with well-written content and on-page optimization.

To his utter dismay though, he soon found out that what he planned to achieve with the website is not really happening in practicality. The website is not generating enough leads to business. Naturally the conversion rate is even more dismal! Now he is totally frustrated and believes that he has invested in a failed venture. His website status is something like this right now:


Yes, this is really frustrating. Many small or medium business owners experience similar disappointment when they pin their hopes on a miracle. While it’s natural to create website with a dream, a plan to boost sales and revenue figures, problems arise and dream shatters when you fail to implement some basic measures.

The solution lies in these five simple yet significant online marketing lead generation methods, which can be followed to turn your non-functional website into a lead-generating machine.

Find Your Niche Market to Pitch the Product

Most entrepreneurs commit this mistake i.e. falling into the trap of ‘all over the map’. In order to get quick business, many portray themselves as capable of doing anything and everything. Remember, even biggies like Walmart, Nike, or Tiffany had to define their niches to appeal to the right group of buyers. So the faster you learn to create (and not ‘find!’) your niche market, the better.

Let’s take the instance of printing business, which is mentioned in the beginning. Suppose the owner is focusing on business/office printing. Then he can be sure of higher business leads by tailoring his site to appeal to that specific category of customers.

Here are some companies that have become popular by defining their niches; so why not you!


Use Web Pages to Convey Your Exact Intentions

Many might find this heading confusing. After all, every web page is designed with the ulterior intention, i.e. to offer information about the business. True, but the problem arises when the web page fails to communicate its exact intention to the visitors. Most business owners still believe that visitors will willingly read the content of their websites and dutifully click on the ‘Buy’ button to contribute to their revenue growth!

In today’s era of inbound marketing, your web page should be designed such that it demonstrates value to your site visitors. Again, I am referring to the printing business as mentioned in the beginning. Suppose the owner invests in a latest 3D printing machine with an objective to generate additional streams of revenue. Will it be enough if he simply adds a new page to the website stating the machine features and technicalities?

The strategy may work, but he can divert more leads to business by showing value to his customers. For instance, if the webpage explains how businesses can save time and money by shifting to 3D printing, and that too with some real figures, that is bound to draw attention. He can upload videos to demonstrate the machine’s efficiency and output rate.  In simple words, he needs to master the art of ‘No-pitch’ promotion.


Focus on Design Layouts That Actually Convert

If you are hiring a web page developer then make sure he provides you with different design layouts for testing purpose. This is needed to find out which web pages are providing better conversion and which pages have a high bounce rate. It might seem an uphill task in the beginning when all you want is to get your website up and running. Remember this one exercise can truly improve conversion rate at a later stage. Here is an industry-wise breakup of average website conversion rate:


Don’t Let Go Of Casual Visitors

Suppose a user visits your site to check a product and then leaves without buying it. Don’t worry because 98% of first visits don’t convert. With re-targeting technology you can easily re-target these casual visitors whenever they search product/services relevant to your business.

Investing in retargeting optimization tool is a wise choice as it helps divert your adverts towards users who already know about your business. However the tool effectively increases conversion rate when smartly blended with your inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

This is how retargeting works

Retargeting.jpgMake Friendship with Social Media

Having a website is not enough if you are not promoting it through social media. There are many interesting ways to unleash the power of social media like running polls and referral programs, sharing fun facts, posting great blogs, offering deals and discounts, providing access to useful links and so on. Whatever social media strategies you adopt make sure these contribute to lead generation.

social media strategy.jpg

Now that you have basic idea about how to increase website conversion rate, try implementing these conversion marketing strategies.

It’s assured that that you will start getting qualified leads within next 2-3 months which will take your business to the next level of success!

business writing

How to Earn 50% More This Year by Shifting to Professional Business Writing

Have you ever tried to read business report or financial document of a company? Then you may have realized that all these official jargon and complex set of initials don’t make for pleasant reading. However this brings forth one important question; can businesses afford to neglect the writing and communication aspects in today’s fast paced digital world? The answer is a big ‘No’!

Here are few interesting statistics that show how poor business writing can damage market reputation, affect productivity and slash your profit margin. (Ref:

  • American businesses are losing a whopping $400 billion per year due to poor writing;
  • 2% college students lack proper writing and communication skills which forces companies to spend money to train them;
  • Companies are spending around $3 billion a year to offer remedial writing training of which $2.9 billion is spend on existing employees.

The above figures naturally turn focus towards expert business writing for which more and more companies are seeking professional help these days.

Why Companies Need to Hire Professional Business Writers

A famous quote by David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy & Mather goes like this, “Good writing is not a natural gift. You have to learn to write well”. Good to know that anyone can learn to write well but the problem is most companies with limited resources can’t invest time and money to train their staffs for business writing. This is one reason professional business plan writers are doing great these days and are getting paid handsomely for their knowledge, hard work and dedication.

If you are a professional writer looking to expand your horizon to include business writing then keep in mind, this is a whole new ball game which you may find tough to master in the beginning. However once you carve out own niche and learn to stay ahead of the pack, you will find it easier to clinch better deals and demand higher rates for your expert knowledge.

Continue reading to know five easy-to-follow tips that can boost your business writing career.

Five Tips to Hone Your Professional Business Writing Skill

Know Your Readers


Are you writing business plan for a startup, analysis report for a stock broker firm or simply contributing to a blog or magazine? Do your readers have basic idea about the topic? Do they prefer light stuff or serious content? Knowing your reader means having basic demographic data about him like age, gender, education level, income status, etc. This helps shape up your writing to appeal to your targeted audience.

Know the Objective


As a business plan writer you need to focus on specific objective. Is your client starting a business and want you to write effective business plan? Do you need to write about the company’s business prospects or present a lucid analysis of the company’s financial position? Once you understand the objective, that makes writing quite easy and effectual too.

Keep it Simple, Precise and Jargon less


You are not writing a thriller to keep readers glued till the end. While writing business plan, email, or reports always use simple compact sentences, and keep the paragraphs short. If you want to establish your point, avoid roundabout ways and say it straight. For instance sentence like “We are planning to launch a new product by the end of this year” can be trimmed to “We are launching a new product this year-end”.

You might be familiar with financial jargon like ROI, IPO. EPS, or ROCE but your readers might not. Therefore it is best if you can avoid such words. In case you need to use them then make an extra effort to explain such jargon in the beginning or end.

Focus on key information


Apply your reporter mind and follow the key rule of five W’s. This means your business writing should cover the basics like Who, What, Where, When and Why. In case you don’t have the key information you can always seek relevant details from the company or business person.

Stay Updated


The moment you stop upgrading your skills and fail to offer something different to your clients that would mean an end to your business writing career. Therefore it is very crucial that you stay informed and updated about the segments you are covering. To ensure, read business magazines, and business blogs of successful writers. If possible attend business writing seminars to connect to fellow writers on a common platform.

And last but not the least don’t forget to read what you have written. No matter how confident or competent writer you are, proofreading is always suggested before you click the ‘Send’ button.

Try the above tips and see if these can boost your business writing career!

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